1. “And Yehuda approached him (Yoseif),” etc. Prove that he spoke harshly to Yoseif.

  2. “Because you’re like Paroh.” What is the meaning of this phrase? (Four ideas.)

  3. According to Yehuda, Yoseif’s first question to the brothers was not justified. Why? What does this say about Yoseif’s intentions?

  4. Because of fear, Yehuda said something which wasn’t true. What?

  5. In Yehuda’s explanation, why would Yaakov be so upset if Binyomin were absent?

  6. Why did Yehuda argue for Binyomin’s return more than the other brothers?

  7. Yehuda offered himself as a substitute for Binyomin because he was better. How? (Mention three ways.)

  8. Why couldn’t Yoseif reveal himself to the brothers while the crowd was there?

  9. How did Yoseif reveal his identity to his brothers? What was their reaction?

  10. In what ways did Yoseif attempt to comfort his brothers?

  11. What lesson in hashgocha protis (divine providence) can we derive from his words?

  12. What message did Yoseif send to his father? Which parts are repeated?

  13. “Behold your eyes see (it) and the eyes of my brother Binyomin,” etc. What did they see?

  14. Why were Yoseif and Binyomin crying on each others necks?

  15. At what point did the brothers start speaking to Yoseif after his revelation?

  16. How did Paroh feel when he heard Yoseif’s family was coming to live there? And what offer did he give to Yoseif’s brothers (via Yoseif)?

  17. Which kinds of gifts did Yoseif send to his father?

  18. Yoseif gave his brothers a special warning for their behavior on the road. Explain.

  19. What sign did Yoseif give to his father that he is Yoseif?

  20. How did Yaakov respond to the news? Something great occurred to him. What?

  21. Whom does one owe a greater honor to, a parent or a grandparent? Proof?

  22. What comforts and promises did Hashem make to Yaakov about going to Mitzrayim?

  23. What did Yaakov do with the riches he got in Lavan’s house? Why? Proof?

  24. Who are Yaakov’s two granddaughters? How many people left Cnaan?

  25. Why are Yaakov’s people called Nefesh, in the singular? And Eisov’s?

  26. Yaakov sent Yehuda ahead of him to Mitzrayim. What for?

  27. Why didn’t Yaakov kiss and embrace Yoseif as Yoseif did to him?

  28. Yoseif prepared his brothers on how to answer Paroh’s question. Explain.

  29. Which brother did Yoseif pick to introduce to Paroh? Why?

  30. What is the dispute between the Midrash and the Gemora about the brothers?

  31. How did Yaakov describe his years of life to Paroh?

  32. Which blessing did Paroh get from Yaakov?

  33. What change happened in Mitzrayim because of Yaakov’s arrival? Proof?

  34. What offers did the people give Yoseif in order to get grain?

  35. Yoseif did something special with the population of the Egyptian cities. What? For what purpose?

  36. In what connection are the terms ‘one-fifth’ and ‘four-fifths’ mentioned here?

  37. How does the above relate to the giving of tzedakah (charity)?

  38. What was the quality of life for Yaakov’s family in Mitzrayim?

  39. “His soul is bound up with his soul.” About whom is this written?

  40. In what connection is the number ten mentioned here?

  41. In Paroh’s message to Yaakov’s family there was a prophecy. What was it?