1. Why was Yitzchak’s face (miraculously) made to look exactly like Avrohom’s?

  2. How old was Yitzchak when he returned from the akeidah? Proof?

  3. Why does it mention again whose daughter and sister Rivkah was?

  4. Did Yitzchak pray alone? To Whom did Hashem respond? Why?

  5. What problems did Rivkah experience in her pregnancy? Why? (Two reasons.)

  6. What did Rivkah do about her troubles? Did she get an answer? What?

  7. In what connection are the names of Rebbi and Antoninus mentioned here?

  8. What was the prediction about Rivkah’s children and their greatness?

  9. What was the difference between Rivkah’s twins and Tamar’s twins?

  10. What were the physical characteristics of Eisov? Why was be given that name?

  11. What is the symbolism of Yaakov holding onto Eisov’s heel (Royalty)?

  12. Who gave Eisov his name? And Yaakov’s name? Why?

  13. When did people realize the personality differences between the two brothers? How?

  14. What was Eisov’s main occupation? And Yaakov’s?

  15. What kind of questions did Eisov ask his father? What for?

  16. Yaakov is described as a ‘tam’ and a ‘sitter in tents.’ Explain.

  17. Why did Yaakov cook a soup of lentils on that day?

  18. A strange connection: Avrohom was promised ‘good old age’; therefore he died earlier. How much earlier? Explain the connection.

  19. Why was Yaakov interested in purchasing the bechorah (birthright)?

  20. Why did Eisov decide that the bechorah is not for him?

  21. Which words does the Torah use to emphasize that Eisov sold it voluntarily?

  22. Because Yitzchak was holy like an Olah (sacrifice) he couldn’t do two things. What?

  23. “Because Avrohom kept My commandments,” etc. Explain the five categories.

  24. Yitzchak was blessed immensely under very difficult agricultural conditions. Explain.

  25. What did the Plishtim do to Yitzchak’s wells? Reasons (the real, and the other)?

  26. Why were Yitzchak’s new wells called Esek, Sitnah, Rechovos, and Shiveh?

  27. After Avimelech sent Yitzchak away, he came down to visit Yitzchak. What reasons did Avimelech give for both actions?

  28. Why was the city of Be’er Sheva called by that name? In which part of the country is it?

  29. Did Eisov’s new wives bring nachas (pleasure) to his parents? Explain.

  30. Toward his old age, Yitzchak became almost blind. Give three reasons for this.

  31. Why did Yitzchak think that his life might be nearing an end at that time?

  32. Eisov was asked to prepare the meat in kosher ways. How?

  33. What right did Rivkah have to use two goats for this meal?

  34. Did Yitzchak really need two goats for one meal?

  35. On what grounds did Yaakov object to his mother’s instruction?

  36. Why did Rivkah have in her possession Eisov’s fancy garments?

  37. What was the first question Yaakov was asked by his father? His answer?

  38. But Yitzchak wasn’t satisfied, so he asked Yaakov to come closer. Why?

  39. What was Yitzchak’s comment after touching Yaakov?

  40. How was Yaakov’s voice different than Eisov’s in content?

  41. Why was Yitzchak so impressed with Yaakov’s garments?

  42. How was Eisov’s blessing different than Yaakov’s in the first sentence? Why?

  43. Why was Yitzchak so scared when Eisov walked in? (Two reasons.)

  44. How many blessings can you find in Yaakov’s brocho?

  45. What did Eisov say about his brother after hearing what happened?

  46. When will Eisov have a right to free himself from Yaakov’s rule?

  47. How did Rivkah know what Eisov was planning?

  48. What advice did Yaakov get to save himself from Eisov?

  49. How did Rivkah convince Yitzchak of her plan?

  50. Which blessing(s) did Yaakov get from his father before leaving?

  51. On which item does Rashi comment, “I don’t know what it teaches us”?

  52. Eisov married Yishmael’s daughter. What reason is mentioned for this?

  53. What is so special about Rosh Chodesh Kislev since 1977, and what connection is there in this parsha to that event?