1. What is the general difference in the descriptions given of Eisov’s and Yaakov’s families?

  2. Where else in the Torah is the above kind of difference noticeable?

  3. What parable (example) is given for the above from a man who lost a pearl?

  4. How is the story of Yoseif a response to Yaakov’s fears of Eisov’s large crowds and armies? Which parable explains this?

  5. In which aspects was Yoseif similar to Yaakov? (Give three.)

  6. “These are the generations (biography) of Yaakov,” etc. Why is Yoseif mentioned here? (Two reasons.)

  7. Why shouldn’t tzadikim desire to live a life of tranquillity?

  8. Why is Yoseif described here as a youngster (naar)?

  9. Who were the sons of Bilhah? How did the brothers treat them? And Yoseif?

  10. Yoseif reported three had things about his brothers. Which things? How was he specifically punished for each of these?

  11. Which reason is mentioned for the special love Yaakov had for Yoseif?

  12. How did his father show his love to Yoseif? How did the brothers react?

  13. “And they couldn’t speak to him in peace.” What compliment is given here?

  14. What was Yoseif’s first dream and its symbols for the brothers?

  15. The second dream caused his father to yell at him. Why?

  16. What specific question (objection) did Yaakov have about Yoseif’s second dream?

  17. There are two interpretations about the symbol of the moon in this dream. What are they?

  18. Why did Yaakov send Yoseif to Sh’chem? Did Yoseif agree to go? This was heroic. Why?

  19. Who was the ‘man’ that found Yoseif wandering in the field?

  20. “He sent him from the depth of Chevron.” But Chevron is located on a hill. Explain.

  21. How did Reuven react to the plans the brothers were making against Yoseif?

  22. “And we will see what will happen to his dreams,” etc. Who is saying this to whom? (Two answers.)

  23. Did Reuven really intend on keeping Yoseif in the pit? Proof?

  24. What was inside the pit? And what was not in there? Proof?

  25. What was the Arab caravan of camels transporting? What was special about it?

  26. What idea did Yehuda propose for Yoseif? Did the brothers accept it?

  27. How many buyers bought Yoseif? Where did he finally arrive?

  28. When Reuven returned to the pit he was shocked. Why? His reaction?

  29. How come Reuven was not present at the time Yoseif was sold?

  30. What did Yoseif’s brothers do with his special garment, the kesones pasim?

  31. How did Yaakov react to the tragic news?

  32. What explanation is given by our Sages why Hashem did not reveal the secret to Yaakov? Did Yitzchak know about it?

  33. Why did Yaakov absolutely refuse to accept comfort and consolation?

  34. Did Yitzchak cry for the same reason that Yaakov did? Explain.

  35. How many years did Yaakov mourn? To atone for what?

  36. Prove that learning Torah exempts a person from kibud av v’em (honoring one’s father and mother).

  37. Why was Yaakov saying he might suffer in Gehinom?

  38. Why was Yehuda demoted from his high position among the brothers?

  39. What was the name of Yehuda’s wife? Of his daughter-in-law?

  40. Why didn’t Yehuda want his third son to marry Tamar?

  41. Why was Yehuda fooled with his gift offer of a goat?

  42. Why did Yehuda give the verdict of ‘burning’ for Tamar?

  43. Which important law did our Sages derive from Tamar’s reply to Yehuda?

  44. There was a voice from Heaven that explained this event. How?

  45. Did Yehuda stay married to Tamar afterwards?

  46. What were the names of the newly born twins? How were they different from Rivkah’s twins?

  47. Why is the word yad (hand) mentioned here four times (in various forms)?

  48. Why are Yoseif’s problems with Potifar’s wife mentioned here after the story of Tamar?

  49. Even Yoseif’s Egyptian boss noticed that Hashem was with Yoseif. How?

  50. What effect did his success have on Yoseif?

  51. Why was Yoseif’s behavior inappropriate at this time?

  52. What punishment did Hashem bring upon Yoseif then?

  53. What kind of a day did the mistress pick on which to force Yoseif to sin?

  54. What did she do after Yoseif escaped from her?

  55. How did her husband punish Yoseif?

  56. What impression did the head of the prison get of Yoseif?

  57. Why did Hashem cause the imprisonment of Paroh’s butler and baker just at that point in time?

  58. What were the crimes of these two officers?

  59. According to our Sages, how did the baker recognize that Yoseif’s interpretation of the butler’s dream was correct?

  60. What were the dreams of file butler and the baker?

  61. How did Yoseif interpret the butler’s dream and what request did he (Yoseif) make?

  62. What was the obvious difference between their two dreams?

  63. According to Yoseif, where do true dream interpretations come from?

  64. Did the butler remember the favor that Yoseif asked him to do? Why?

  65. What opportunity was there for the butler to bring up Yoseif’s case?

  66. Can you find any similarity between the beginning and the end of this parsha?

  67. Can you find the connection between Yud-Tes Kislev and Chanukah?