1. Why did Hashem appear to Avrohom on that day? Why in that place?

  2. Why did Hashem send the three angels to Avrohom?

  3. Was it necessary to send three angels? Why? Which angel did two jobs?

  4. How is the heart of an angel different from the human heart? How do we know?

  5. How do we know that a person must not change the local custom?

  6. How many oxen did Avrohom prepare? Why? Who was the boy helping him?

  7. Who were the first ones to give and receive kos shel brocho (lit. ‘cup of blessing’)? Proof?

  8. Which fact (quote) was changed by the Torah for the sake of peace?

  9. How do we see the great power of charity for the poor?

  10. What did Hashem not want to do without informing Avrohom? Why?

  11. Hashem said that He loves Avrohom. Why?

  12. How do we know that a person who leaves a son, a tzadik (righteous person), lives on and on?

  13. “I shall descend and see,” etc. What does this teach judges to do?

  14. What was Avrohom’s major line of defense for Sdom?

  15. “And I am sand and ashes.” What did Avrohom mean here?

  16. In Tanya there is a special interpretation of the above words. What is it?

  17. If there had been 45 tzadikim in all five sinful towns, would they have survived? Why?

  18. How many angels came to Sdom? Where was another one?

  19. Avrohom and Lot asked the angels to wash their feet, but in a different order. Why? (Find a contradiction between two comments of Rashi.)

  20. How do we know that one should not refuse the request of a great person?

  21. How did the people of Sdom rebuke Lot? What position did he have in that city?

  22. What did the angels do to Lot when he took his time trying to save his possessions?

  23. Why did Lot think he would be in danger if he escaped to the mountain?

  24. The town of Tzoar was safe for Lot. Why was it better than Sdom?

  25. At what time of day was Sdom destroyed? Why that time?

  26. What was the angels’ punishment and why did they deserve it?

  27. Lot’s wife didn’t survive. Why? How was she punished? Why?

  28. Is it better to live in an old city or in a new one? Prove it.

  29. For which merit was Lot saved? How do we know?

  30. Bring a proof that lack of yiras shamayim (fear of Heaven) can lead to murder.

  31. How do we know that praying for someone else brings fast results for the one who prays?

  32. What was the dispute between Avrohom and Sara?

  33. Who was right? How do we know that Sara was greater in prophecy?

  34. What answer did Hashem give to the angels about saving Yishmael’s life?

  35. How is the story of the akeidah (binding) connected to the previous event?

  36. Where is Eretz Hamoriyah? Why is it given that name?

  37. Why was Avrohom shown the place on the third day?

  38. The knife is called ma’acheles. Why?

  39. Why was this (tenth) test more convincing than the previous nine?

  40. Since when was the ram prepared? What caused his horns to entangle?

  41. How did the Jewish nation use the akeidah story effectively?

  42. What are the purposes of reading this story every day in Shacharis (morning prayer)?

  43. What point do the last five pesukim convey?

  44. Bring three proofs that a person’s main credit with Hashem is for honest effort and not for accomplishment.