1. This parsha is closed-in with the previous one. Give two reasons for this.

  2. How many years did Yaakov live in all? in Mitzrayim?

  3. What request did Yaakov make to Yoseif? Was an oath involved?

  4. Among the three Avos, who lived the longest? The shortest?

  5. The kindness that is done to the dead is call ‘true kindness.’ Why?

  6. Yaakov asked not to be buried in Mitzrayim. Thee reasons are given. What are they?

  7. Where did Yaakov ask to be buried? Why? Why did he bow at the head of the bed?

  8. There is a parable given here about a fox. Who is being compared to a fox?

  9. Who told Yoseif about Yaakov’s condition? Who was a regular pupil of Yaakov?

  10. Why did Yaakov make a special effort to sit up in bed when Yoseif arrived?

  11. Prove that kings should be honored even if they personally are unworthy.

  12. What kind of gift did Yaakov offer to Yoseif? Why did Yoseif get it?

  13. Why does Yaakov tell the story of Rochel’s death and burial here?

  14. Where is Rochel buried? Why? What is so unusual about this?

  15. Yaakov knew his grandsons very well. Why then did he ask, “Who are they?”

  16. Why did Yaakov lose his inspiration to bless Efrayim and Menashe?

  17. How did Yoseif prove the proper status of his sons? What else did Yoseif do to get Yaakov to bless his sons?

  18. What did Yaakov say to Yoseif about his feelings on seeing him?

  19. Yaakov blessed his grandsons twice. What was the first blessing?

  20. Why did Yaakov liken Efrayim and Menashe to fish?

  21. Why did Yoseif attempt to change the position of Yaakov’s hands?

  22. How did Yaakov explain his refusal to do so?

  23. In which ways was Menashe great in the future? How was Efrayim greater?

  24. What was the second blessing Yaakov gave the two grandsons?

  25. What special portion in Eretz Yisroel did Yoseif get? Why?

  26. What general blessing did Yaakov give Yoseif concerning all the brothers?

  27. Before Yaakov blessed each of his sons he wanted to tell something to all. What? Why did he not say it?

  28. In what way was Reuven supposed to be greater than his brothers?

  29. He was punished and lost out. For which sin? Who got those honors?

  30. Yaakov said that it was Shimon and Levi who wanted to kill Yoseif. Prove it.

  31. Where did Shimon and Levi learn these things?

  32. Yaakov asked that his name not be mentioned in their gatherings. Explain.

  33. Why did Yaakov curse their anger? What future did he predict for them?

  34. Which praise did Yehuda get in connection with Yoseif’s story?

  35. Why was Yehuda referred to as ‘young lion’?

  36. What was met by the prophecy, “Leadership will never depart from Yehuda”?

  37. “Until Shiloh will come,” etc. Who is meant here? Why that name?

  38. Which material blessings were predicted here for Yehuda?

  39. What was Zevulun’s business? Where was his territory (in Eretz Yisroel)?

  40. What special arrangement did Zevulun have with Yissochor?

  41. Rashi and Unkelos (Targum) explain differently the description of Yissochor’s blessing. How?

  42. What prophecy did Yaakov say about Shimshon of sheivet (the tribe of) Don?

  43. When in our prayers do we recite this posuk that relates to Shimshon?

  44. What great blessing did Yaakov express on sheivet Gad? Is that posuk recited too?

  45. Which great product is abundantly produced in Asher’s part of the land?

  46. Which future words are prophetically in Yaakov’s words about Naftali? (Two answers.)

  47. How does Yaakov describe the special charm that Yoseif possessed?

  48. Who were those that embittered Yoseif’s life? Those who disliked him?

  49. What special blessings did Yoseif get, similar to those Yaakov received?

  50. Yaakov said that the blessings Hashem gave him are bigger than those given to his father and grandfather. How?

  51. What are the symbols of ‘morning’ and ‘evening’ in Binyomin’s blessing? (Check Targum Unkelos too.)

  52. Why does he repeat again in posuk 28, that Yaakov blessed them all?

  53. Who got the longest blessing? The shortest?

  54. In connection with whom are these animals mentioned: lion, deer (gazelle), snake, wolf, ox, donkey, horse?

  55. In describing Yaakov’s passing, it does not mention that he died. Why?

  56. How come the Egyptians cried for Yaakov for seventy days?

  57. Did Eisov have a share in the Meoros Hamachpeila? Did he get it?

  58. Paroh said to Yoseif, “Go as your father made you swear.” Why?

  59. Why couldn’t Paroh ask Yoseif to break his oath (to Yaakov)?

  60. What kind of confrontation was about to take place at Yaakov’s funeral?

  61. What was the great honor that Yoseif got from the kings of Cnaan, etc.?

  62. Which people were forbidden to carry Yaakov’s coffin. Why?

  63. Which two of his sons didn’t carry it? Why? Who took their places?

  64. On the way from the funeral the brothers are mentioned before the others. Why?

  65. What caused the brothers to notice a change in Yoseif?

  66. What message did the brothers send to Yoseif? Who were the messengers?

  67. How did they phrase the message in a way that wasn’t exactly true?

  68. Why didn’t Yaakov ask Yoseif to forgive and not to avenge his hurt (on his brothers)?

  69. How did Yoseif react to their pleading? What did he promise them?

  70. What was Yoseif’s final request from his brothers and their families?

  71. How many parshiyos are there in sefer (the book of) Bereishis? Which is the longest? The shortest?