1. Why is Yaakov’s story of departure from home repeated here?

  2. What happens to the city when the tzadik departs from it?

  3. What was the name of the special place where Yaakov slept?

  4. In what way was Yaakov’s sleeping there unusual for him?

  5. Were there many stones around Yaakov’s head or just one stone? Proof?

  6. Where did Yaakov spend time before he made this journey? How long?

  7. Hashem doesn’t usually connect His Name to a living tzadik. Why? And to Yitzchak?

  8. Why does it say “And the Land you’re sleeping on.” Did he sleep on the whole land?

  9. What is the meaning of uforatzto? Why do we sing it?

  10. Since Hashem hasn’t spoken to Yaakov before, what’s the meaning of “which l have spoken,” etc. (28:15)?

  11. What did Yaakov remark about this place when he woke up?

  12. Why did he call this place ‘This is the gate of Heaven’?

  13. Yaakov prayed for material and spiritual goods. Give two examples of each.

  14. Yaakov promised to do two things if Hashem will help him in his journey. Which?

  15. How does happiness (or good news) affect a person’s walking? Proof?

  16. What criticism did Yaakov have of the shepherds around the well? Was he right?

  17. What excuse did these shepherds give him for their behavior?

  18. Why did Yaakov cry when he met Rochel?

  19. When Yaakov told Rochel that he is ‘her father’s brother,’ what did he mean?

  20. Who was Elifaz? Why did he decide to be ‘kind’ to Yaakov?

  21. Lavan ran towards Yaakov, embraced him, and even kissed him. What for?

  22. Why was Leah worried and crying but not Rochel?

  23. Why did Yaakov specify that he will work for “Rochel, your young daughter”?

  24. What was the great chesed (kindness) that Rochel did for Leah?

  25. According to Razal (our Sages), what is the meaning of the name Reuven?

  26. What was the reason for the name Shimon? And Levi?

  27. Did Leah and Rochel know how many sons Yaakov would have?

  28. Why did the maloch (angel) Gavriel take Levi up to heaven for a while?

  29. Why did Leah offer thanks to Hashem at the birth of her fourth son? What was his name?

  30. Why was Rochel jealous of Leah? What did she then say to Yaakov?

  31. Why did Lavan give Zilpah to Leah and Bilhah to Rachel for maids?

  32. Give the reasons for these names: Don, Naftali, and Asher.

  33. Why is it noted that Reuven found flowers in the time of harvest?

  34. What strange thing happened to Dina prior to her birth? Why?

  35. “And Hashem remembered Rochel.” Which merits did He remember?

  36. “He removed my shame.” Which shame did Rochel mean? (Two answers.)

  37. “May He add to me another son.” Why did she only ask for one son?

  38. Why did Yaakov decide to leave Lavan only after Yoseif was born?

  39. Why was Lavan convinced that Yaakov’s presence brought blessings?

  40. What kind of a payment did Yaakov request for his work?

  41. Which ‘scientific’ method did Yaakov use to produce spotted sheep?

  42. What complaint did Lavan’s sons make against Yaakov?

  43. What command did Yaakov get from Hashem at that time?

  44. It is said that Yaakov’s sheep were more expensive than others. Why?

  45. Who was Yaakov’s main ‘balabosteh’? Who else agreed on this?

  46. How many times did Lavan change (cheat) Yaakov’s salary?

  47. What ‘case’ did Yaakov make to his wives? Were they convinced?

  48. Finally Yaakov escaped from Lavan’s house. Why?

  49. What did Rochel take away from her father? Why?

  50. Prove that a maloch could refer to himself as Hashem.

  51. Lavan had a prophetic dream. What was he told?

  52. Lavan’s daughters said that “he treated us like strangers.” Why?

  53. Is it desirable to hear good words from reshayim (sinners)? Proof? Why?

  54. Yaakov and Eisov treated men and women differently. How?

  55. What big complaints did Lavan express against Yaakov?

  56. How did Yaakov describe his style of work for Lavan?

  57. What would have happened to Yaakov if Hashem didn’t help him?

  58. What kind of covenant did Yaakov and Lavan establish?

  59. Yaakov slaughtered some sheep at this mountain. Why is no altar mentioned?

  60. What were the names that Yaakov and Lavan gave to this place?

  61. Which kind of malochim greeted Yaakov at his travels?

  62. About how many years do the events in this parsha cover?

  63. Where is there a reference here to the prayer of Maariv (evening prayer)? To Sheva Brachos (seven wedding blessings)?