Chayei Sara

  1. Why is the word shonoh (year) repeated in the first posuk?

  2. Did Sara have a good life? What about the troubles?

  3. Why was Hebron called Kiryas Arba (City of Four)? Is there a city by this name today? Where?

  4. Why is Sara’s death mentioned right after the akeidah?

  5. When Avrohom says, “I am a newcomer and an old settler,” What does he mean? (See posuk 4.)

  6. Why was the Meoros Hamachpeila called by this name?

  7. What was special about Efron? Was he a nice person?

  8. How does the Torah hint to us about Efron’s character?

  9. Did Avrohom’s work make a difference in Hashem’s Kingship?

  10. What did Avrohom ask from Eliezer? Why was it necessary (in your opinion)?

  11. What did Avrohom warn him about? What question did Eliezer ask Avrohom about it?

  12. Why didn’t Avrohom want Yitzchak to marry a girl from the local population (the people of Cnaan)?

  13. How were Avrohom’s camels recognizable in the street?

  14. Eliezer had “all his master’s riches in his hand.” How?

  15. What kind of midoh (trait) was the girl supposed to have? Why?

  16. How did Eliezer recognize that Rivkah was a special person (even before he spoke to her)?

  17. In what way did Rivkah offer to give more than she was asked?

  18. What was symbolized by the jewelry that Eliezer gave her? (Check the numbers.)

  19. Why did he ask her who she was after giving her the gifts?

  20. What did Eliezer do and say after Rivkah invited him to the house?

  21. Why did Lavan run so fast to greet Eliezer?

  22. Did Eliezer have any personal plans for Yitzchak? Proof?

  23. Why did Avrohom reject these plans?

  24. How do we know that Eliezer had kfitzas haderech (a miracle to quicken his trip) and why was it necessary (in your opinion)?

  25. How do we know that the talk and stories of the Avos and their servants are more precious than our Torah learning?

  26. How many times is Eliezer’s story repeated in the parsha? Do you notice any changes in the recounting?

  27. How do we know that even non-Jews believed that a shidduch (match) is bashert (predestined)?

  28. How can we tell that Rivkah’s brother was a rasha (sinner)?

  29. How do we know that one must thank Hashem for good news?

  30. What happened to Besueil? How do we know?

  31. From where do we learn that a woman must be asked whether she consents to a marriage and cannot be forced into it by her parents?

  32. What ‘daring’ answer did Rivkah give to her family?

  33. What was Yitzchak doing when Rivkah arrived?

  34. What were the special miracles and blessings that Sara had in her tent? Did Rivkah have them? Proof?

  35. What kind of special gift did Yitzchak get from his father?

  36. What strange gift did the other children get?

  37. Why is the word shonoh repeated in connection with Avrohom’s passing?

  38. How do we know that Yishmael did teshuvah (repented)?

  39. Why was Avrohom afraid to bless Yitzchak? What did Hashem do?

  40. Which mitzvoh did Hashem do after Avrohom’s passing?

  41. Where is Minchah (afternoon) davening mentioned in this parsha?

  42. In this parsha there is a special hint to one of Rebbe’s main mivtzoyim. Where?