1. Moshe received rebuke (mussar) from Hashem. Proof? Why was he rebuked?

  2. When the Torah states “I am Hashem,” what does it imply?

  3. In which way did Hashem reveal Himself to the Avos? And in which not?

  4. Which promises to the Avos were fulfilled and which were not?

  5. How were the Avos considered better than Moshe Rabeinu?

  6. Why didn’t the people listen to Moshe’s words?

  7. What is the purpose of mentioning the children of Reuven and Shimon?

  8. Why was only Levi’s age mentioned, not the others’?

  9. When considering marriage, which members of the bride’s family need to be checked? Proof?

  10. How do we know that Moshe and Aharon were equals in greatness? Proof?

  11. Why did Paroh visit the river each morning?

  12. Why did Aharon, not Moshe, bring the makah (plague) of blood?

  13. Why was blood the first makah? Where did the Egyptians get drinking water?

  14. How long did each makah last?

  15. Which other makah was brought by Aharon? Why?

  16. Which makos were the magicians able to duplicate?

  17. Which makah did they admit was caused by Heaven? Why?

  18. After which makah did Paroh promise to let them leave?

  19. After the makah of arov (wild animals) what happened to the animals?

  20. For which makos does it say that there would be a separation between the Egyptians and the Jews?

  21. Why did Moshe refuse to offer sacrifices inside Mitzrayim?

  22. Which miracles had to occur during the makah of sh’chin (boils)?

  23. Which cattle were not hurt by the makos of dever and bored (death and hail)? Proof?

  24. Which miracle occurred during the makah of bored (hail)? What can we learn from it?

  25. Why did Moshe insist on davening outside of the city during the makah of borod but not during the makah of tzefardeia (frogs)?

  26. Which makah equaled all the other makos in severity?

  27. How can we learn the midoh (trait) of gratitude from some of the makos?

  28. Which makos are not described in the parsha?

  29. Which posuk is the source for the four cups of wine we drink at the Seder?

  30. Which month is blessed on this Shabbos? When is Rosh Chodesh?

  31. What ‘special days’ occur during the coming month?