1. Which things are being counted in this parsha? Why were they counted?

  2. Why is the word ‘Mishkan’ mentioned twice in the first posuk?

  3. How was the Mishkan a ‘testimony,’ proof, to the Jewish people?

  4. “The work of Levi’im,” etc. How is this connected to the count?

  5. Who was Issamar? What was his position?

  6. Why does it say, “Betzalel did all that Hashem commanded him,” rather than saying he did all that Moshe commanded him?

  7. Why did Moshe compliment Betzalel, saying, “You were in the shadow of Hashem”?

  8. How many moneh‎ does a regular kikar‎ hold? A ‘holy’ kikar‎?

  9. How do we get a number (count) of 100 kikar plus 1775 shekalim?

  10. Which adonim‎ were made of silver and which of copper?

  11. “They made the bigdei serod,” etc. Prove that this does not refer to bigdei kehuna?

  12. Where did the Kohein Gadol put on the head tefillin?

  13. “And they brought the Mishkan to Moshe.” What for?

  14. Why couldn’t ordinary people put up the Mishkan?

  15. Why did Moshe get the special privilege to put up the Mishkan?

  16. “And Moshe blessed them,” etc. What blessing did he give them?

  17. When do we say Moshe’s blessing in davening?

  18. On which day was the Mishkan put up (permanently)?

  19. What was done with the shulchon‎, menorah‎, kiyor‎, and mizbeyach‎ on that day?

  20. What did Moshe have to do after the Mishkan and keilim were set up?

  21. In what capacity did Moshe serve on the eighth day of dedication? Proof?

  22. There is a contradiction (between two pesukim) about Moshe’s entrance into the Mishkan. What is it? How is it resolved?

  23. Prove that resting for the purpose of travelling is called travelling.

  24. How was the presence of Hashem seen by day? By night?

  25. What were the signs to travel? To rest?

  26. Why do we say ‘Chazak’ at the end of this parsha?

  27. The Mishkan work was finished in the month of Kislev. Why was its dedication postponed for Nissan? Did Kislev ever get to celebrate this?

  28. Is there any connection between parshas Pekudei and the month of Adar?

  29. What special parsha do we read for maftir? Why? What are the other three parshiyos (from the set of ‘four parshiyos’)?


  1. In what way was the Mishkan superior to the first and second Beis Hamikdash?

  2. Why does it describe how the gold threads were made? (See Sforno 38:21-22, Rambam 39:3.)

  3. The avneit (belt) had shatnez in it. Who wore it? (See Rashbam 39:29.)

  4. “And Bnei Yisroel did,” etc. (39:42) But they didn’t all do it? Explain. (See Ohr Hachayim.)

  5. Why is it repeated three times that the people did the work? (See Kli Yakar 39:42-43.)

  6. “As Hashem commanded Moshe,” etc. Why is this repeated so many times? (See Baal Haturim at the end of the parsha.)