A workbook for the weekly Torah portion based on the commentary of Rashi; includes holiday questions.

Second edition. Version 2023-04-09. Published by the Open Torah Project.

This is a re-publication of Rabbi Wichnin’s Chumash Questions book, first edition of which, published in 1995, is long since out of print. People who made this publication possible are listed in the Acknowledgements.

Corrections, additions and suggestions are welcome at dub@chumashquestions.org.

The book is hosted by GitHub Pages at www.chumashquestions.org in multiple formats: chunked HTML, one HTML file, PDF.

The sources are hosted by GitHub at github.com/opentorah/chumashquestions.org. Google Drive was used for optical character recognition. Book sources in Asciidoc authored in IntelliJ Idea. Built with Gradle using Asciidoctor Gradle plugin.

Copyright 1995-2023 by the Wichnin family. On behalf of the copyright holders, Rabbi Nachmon Dov Wichnin re-licensed the book, making it available to be widely distributed, printed, copied and used. The book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.