Second Edition

Nina Dubinsky originated the idea to republish the book, and scanned a copy of the original edition provided by Dovid Malenkovich. Michael Partensky and Isaac Mushinsky encouraged the project.

Avrohom Hillel Weissman made available, from his personal archives, questions on Parshas Yisro, Mishpatim, Pinchas, Shoftim and Vayikra that were missing from the original edition of the book, as well as questions on Parshas Bereishis that were included with some copies of the book. Michael Partensky transcribed these additions.

Aryeh Leyb Dubinsky converted the content to DocBook (and later to Asciidoc). Menucha Rochel Dubinsky proofread the material.

First Edition

The inspiration and continued support for this project has come from Mr. and Mrs. Yosef Chaim Lester.

Managing editor Pessy Leah Lester.

Typing Devorah Hott.

Copy editing, design, typesetting Yael Resnick.

Editorial consultant Rabbi Zalman Wilschanski.

Consultants Rabbi Zalman Dubinsky, Rabbi Yeheskel Lebovic, Rabbi Avraham Lipskier, Yisroel Noach Wichnin.

Photo courtesy of Albie Rosenhaus.

Cover design Yael Resnick.

Special thanks to: Sara Arno, Rus Devorah Burdman.

This publication has been made possible in great measure by a generous donation from Aaron Mayer and Shifra Gellman and family.