Yud Shevat and Tu b'Shevat

  1. In what year was the previous Rebbe niftar? How old was he?

  2. How many years did the Rebbe o.b.m. live in 770?

  3. What are the special minhagim connected with Yud Shevat?

  4. What was the occasion for the Rebbe to give out the maamarBasi Legani’?

  5. Why did the Shechina ascend from earth to the first Heaven?

  6. Who brought the Shechina back down to earth? Where did the Shechina want to be?

  7. What was the main avodah in the Mishkan and Mikdash? How is this avodah reflected in the Jew?

  8. It is said that the Rebbe o.b.m. hinted at his own histalkus (passing) in the maamar. Can you find where?

  9. How are spiritual fire and water different than the physical types?

  10. Why was the Mishkan built with sheetim wood?

  11. What is the definition of shtus d’kedusha and shtus of klipah?

  12. Which example of shtus d’kedusha is brought from the Gemora?

  13. What causes the nefesh habahamis (animal soul) to be cold to ruchniyus (spirituality)?

  14. What is the meaning of Yud Shevat for the Rebbe Shlita?

Shabbos Shira and Tu B’Shevat

  1. Why is this Shabbos called by this special name?

  2. What are the minhagim connected with this Shabbos?

  3. What is so special about the 15th of Shevat (Tu B’Shevat)?

  4. What are the minhagim connected with this day?