1. “I cannot come and go any longer,” etc. Why? Could this be due to old age?

  2. Again Hashem’s advice to Yehoshua on leadership, and Moshe’s, are mentioned. Tell the difference.

  3. What did Moshe do with the Sefer Torah that he finished on his last day?

  4. Which mitzvoh was done once in seven years? When is the next year?

  5. When was the king the baal koreh? What did he read? On which spot?

  6. Why did they bring infants to this event?

  7. What is the meaning of the punishment, “I will hide My Presence on that day”?

  8. “Write down this shira,” “This shira will testify,” etc. Which one?

  9. What will be the testimony of this shira?

  10. There is a special positive guarantee that we and Torah got together. What is it?

  11. “Take this Sefer Torah and put it at the side of the Ark.” What is the dispute among the Sages concerning this placement?

  12. One day when the Jews gathered, the trumpets were not used. Which day?

  13. Why didn’t Yehoshua use these trumpets?

  14. Which wise saying in Koheles (Ecclesiastes) is being applied here?

  15. Why does he repeat here again the testimony of Heaven and earth?

  16. Prove that to a Rebbi, his talmid is considered an extension of him (even physically). Why?


  1. On which weekday of Elul do we not blow the shofar?

  2. What’s special about this Shabbos? About the next?