1. Why are the laws affecting humans written after the laws of animals?

  2. How long is a woman tomei after the birth of a son? A daughter?

  3. Why is her impure period stated as ‘in clear blood’?

  4. What kind of korbanos does a woman have to bring when she is cleansed?

  5. Which one of her korbanos actually causes her to become tahor (pure)?

  6. Can any rabbi decide whether negayim are tomei or tahor? Proof?

  7. How many hairs have to change to white in order to make the person tomei?

  8. On which statement does Rashi comment, “I don’t know its meaning”? Why?

  9. In which case is the person declared tomei immediately? When is he locked up?

  10. When is a person locked up for a second time? For how long?

  11. Sometimes the person is declared tahor yet must wash (towel) himself and his clothes. Why?

  12. After being locked up what has to happen to his negah to make him tomei? Tahor?

  13. What is the general difference between these: s’ais, sapachas, baheres?

  14. May a Kohein decide on a person with a negah by getting information about its condition? Proof?

  15. Is it possible that a person could become tahor even while he has a regular tzoraas? Explain.

  16. There are certain days and certain people that a Kohein should refuse to check. Which?

  17. What are the signs of tumah for a negah on the skin? On the head?

  18. If a Kohein mistakenly declares a person ‘tahor’ who is really tomei, is it OK?

  19. Explain these: nesek, bohak, tzareves, keireiach, giveiach.

  20. What is a metzorah supposed to do to his clothes? To his hair? What does he announce?

  21. What kind of clothes (materials) can develop negayim? What colors are they?

  22. What is done with a garment that became tomei?

  23. When is the negah supposed to be washed? If the negah’s coloring remains the same what is done to it? And if the negah darkened somewhat?

  24. If after washing it, it reappears again what is done to the beged (garment)?

  25. If the negah was removed after washing it, what is done to the beged?

  26. Are there negayim today? Why? How is this connected to the Golus (Exile)?