Sefiras Ha'Omer

  1. What is the Korban Ha’Omer? How is it connected to the Sefira?

  2. Why don’t we say Shehecheyanu on the mitzvoh of counting the Omer?

  3. What was the dispute between the ‘Tzdukim’ and. the ‘Pmshim’ (Sages) concerning the time of Sefiras Ha’Omer?

  4. Nowadays, is this mitzvoh mi-deoraisa (from the Torah) or mi-dirabonon (from the Rabbis)? Why?

  5. Why do we say Horahamon right after each count?

  6. Where else in davening do we say a similar prayer?

  7. How many days and weeks do we count? Why?

  8. What is meaning of the two small words under each count?

  9. What is the meaning of the large letter next to each count? The words under it?

  10. How many sefiros are there in all? How many do we mention here?

  11. Why was psalm (kapitl, mizmor) 67 included here? (Two reasons.)

  12. Where else do we recite this mizmor? Why?

  13. What is the prayer Ana Bekoach asking for?

  14. Why was this tefillah chosen for Sefiras Ha’Omer?

  15. What are we supposed to do with the abbreviations of Ana Bekoach?

  16. What is the purpose of Sefiras Ha’Omer, according to the words of the prayer Ribono Shel Olom?

  17. What are we asking from Hashem in this tefillah?

  18. Can you tell which day it is in the Sefira by looking at the midoh of the day?

  19. If you forgot to count one night, what should you do?

  20. How early in the evening may we count Sefira?