1. “And Korach took,” etc. What did he take? (Two explanations.)

  2. Whose name is not mentioned with Korach’s ancestors? Why?

  3. Prove that Korach’s children survived.

  4. Which tribe helped Korach most? Why? What is the saying about it?

  5. Which appointment of leadership angered Korach the most? Why?

  6. I Why does this parsha follow the (ending of the) previous one?

  7. “And Moshe heard and fell on his face.” Why didn’t he pray?

  8. Some ‘kal vachomer’ approaches are wrong. Korach had one. Which?

  9. “The whole community is holy,” etc. What did Korach mean by this?

  10. What other objection did Korach have Moshe’s appointments?

  11. Why did Moshe suggest to wait until the morning?

  12. Moshe suggested that they offer ketores. Why?

  13. Why did Korach dare undertake such great risks?

  14. Moshe saw something in the future which Korach didn’t. What?

  15. Why did Moshe first speak softly to Korach, then spoke harshly to all Levi’im?

  16. What did Moshe answer to Korach’s objection about positions?

  17. What message did Moshe send to Dosson and Avirom? Their answers?

  18. Why did Moshe try so hard to explain things to all these people?

  19. “Do not turn to their gift (offering).” Which offering? (Two meanings.)

  20. Did Moshe ever have an opportunity to benefit from the nation? Did he benefit?

  21. How did Korach incite the people against Moshe that night?

  22. Why did Moshe say to Hashem, “One man sins and You are angry at everybody”?

  23. Why was everybody told to move away from Korach?

  24. How do we prove that machlokes (discord) is punished more severely than other sins.

  25. What test Moshe propose to see who is right?

  26. What happened to Korach and his people?

  27. And what happened to the 250 who brought ketores?

  28. What did they do with fire-pans used for the ketores? Why?

  29. After the above punishments, why did a plague come upon them?

  30. How did Moshe know the method for stopping a plague?

  31. By what power (besides ketores) did Aharon stop the plague from spreading?

  32. What was the special message of using ketores to stop the plague?

  33. What was the purpose of taking twelve kaves (sticks) from the tribes?

  34. Why did Aharon’s stick grow almonds, not other fruit?

  35. What kind of ‘guarding’ were the Kohanim and Levi’im told to do?

  36. Why is the parsha of matanos kehuna (gifts) written here?

  37. What kinds of gifts from produce are enumerated here?

  38. And gifts from animals? How about human gifts?

  39. Which of these gifts is still given today?

  40. Which gifts are commanded to be given to Levi’im?

  41. In what connection is salt mentioned here?

  42. How is it seen here that this parsha (on gifts) is very beloved?

  43. Did Levi’im give any gifts to Kohanim? Was it holy?

  44. If a Levi took his maaser before terumah was given to the Kohein, what was he supposed to do? Why?

  45. Which month did we bless this Shabbos? When is Rosh Chodesh? What’s special about this month in Chassidic history?

  46. Which are the special tefillos for this Shabbos?

  47. There are especially happy days that Chassidim celebrate in this month. What are they?

  48. There are days in this month which will be happy ones as soon as Moshiach comes. Which days?