1. Which miracles are celebrated on Chanukah? When did they happen?

  2. What are the meanings of the name Chanukah? Why eight days?

  3. What are some of the differences between the celebrations of Chanukah and Purim? Reasons?

  4. What activities are forbidden because of Chanukah?

  5. What are the changes in the davening of Chanukah?

  6. How important is the mitzvoh of lighting the menorah (in monetary terms)? Why is it unique?

  7. According to the Gemora, there are three levels in doing this mitzvoh. What are they?

  8. Do children light? Do women have to light?

  9. If a person is not at home, does he have to light?

  10. Which oils or candles may be used? Which are preferred?

  11. Do we need new wicks every night? Which wicks are best?

  12. Can one use gas or electricity to fulfill the mitzvoh? Why?

  13. Must one have a menorah when using candles?

  14. Can two people light the same menorah at the same time?

  15. May one use a dish with oil and put several wicks into it?

  16. May we derive benefit from the lights? Why?

  17. How does the ending of the brochos for Shabbos and Chanukah candles differ?

  18. May we one candle from another? What is the shamash for?

  19. How is it possible that a thousand candles should become unusable for private use because of a Chanukah candle?

  20. May one use the Chanukah lights for private use after they burned the proper time?

  21. May oil or wicks left over after Chanukah be used for personal use?

  22. Can the oil that is left over in the menorah be kept for next Chanukah?

  23. What is the proper time for lighting? The earliest? The latest?

  24. Which activities are forbidden once the time for lighting arrives?

  25. Where was the menorah placed in the time of the Gemora? Why?

  26. Where do we place if today? (State various customs.)

  27. What is the proper height (from the floor) for the menorah?

  28. Can oil be added while the lights are burning them give it more time?

  29. If one forgot to say Shehecheyanu on the first night, can he say it the next night?

  30. if one forgot to light all night what should he do?

  31. What happens if a person lit too many or too few candles?

  32. Can one light the menorah while holding it in his hand? Why?

  33. If the candle was extinguished before its time, does it have to be refit? Should it be?

  34. If a person eats in one place and sleeps in another, where should he light?

  35. What about people who eat in a common dining room?

  36. A person who is travelling on a bus, plane, or train during candle lighting time, what should he do?

  37. If one is a guest at a home, how should he do the mitzvoh?

  38. When do we light in shul? Why do we light in the morning?

  39. When are the Chanukah candles lit 0n Erev Shabbos? Why?

  40. How much oil must be put in on Erev Shabbos? And candles?

  41. When do we light on Motzei Shabbos, before or after Havdala? Why?

  42. What do we read in the Torah on Chanukah? Why? How many aliyos?

  43. On which Rosh Chodesh do we say the entire Hallel? Why?

  44. What game is played on Chanukah? Why?

  45. If one forgets Al Hanissim in davening what should he do? And if it happened in bentching? And if one forgot Haneiros Halalu?

  46. Are the meals of Chanukah in the category of ‘seudas mitzvah’?

  47. How many Torahs do we use on Shabbos Chanukah? Why?

  48. It is said that on Chanukah, Sefardim and Ashkenazim reverse their custom. Why?